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My interest in photography...

Began at a young age.  My Father was a serious amateur, developing his own film and creating his own prints at night in our kitchen.  He gave me a "Diana" camera when I was eleven.  I loved taking my own photographs.  I continued my interest in photography through my teens and young adult life.  Eventually I took a class in photography.  I had been seeking something more fulfilling than just work and I already had an interest in pictures.  That first black and white film class changed my life.  I had to find work that was related to photography.

Currently I work for Photography & Digital Imaging, a technical program offered at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.  I completed this program in the year 2000 and the job became available that fall.  My photographic work is in photojournalism, primarily sports.  Other than that, I enjoy capturing the world around me.  Well, a small portion of the world, mainly my backyard.  Okay, maybe another area once in a while.