My interest in glass...

began as a fascination with me since I was a child.  How something that captures and transforms light into a mixture of dazzling colors and nondescript shapes could start as a lava hot liquid was truly a miracle to my young mind.  Once the item cools, it is solid enough to hold.  Completely smooth, pleasant to touch and even more incredible to look through.

It took until middle age before I began to learn how to blow glass.  Frustrating in its own right, it is somehow relaxing.  The glass requires all of me at the time.  It is a fickle medium to work with.  If it gets too hot, it will move, sagging out of shape.  If it gets too cool, it will crack and explode off the pipe before you are ready.  The dance between hot and cool is constant, demanding my full attention, allowing all other thoughts and concerns to leave my mind.  Just me and the lava hot glass waiting to be transformed.